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11 February 2014 @ 07:01 am
Just did another drawing of Yamaki Shitsuchou on NicoNico's encyclopedia.


11 February 2014 @ 03:53 am

Stressed out lately in studying *sigh*
Couldn't have thought Korean could be so hard to learn and remember =.=||

Anyhow drawing seems to be a relaxation for me in a short term.
I drew this today at home, I was so focused I missed a quiz in class.
Oh well *sigh*


This is Yamaki Shitsuchou (Supervisor Yamaki) from Digimon Tamers.
I couldn't have thought I would fall for Chiba Susumu san's ikemen voice.
As I googled, Yamaki Shitsuchou does have quite a fanbase as well lol.

The dialogue was from episode 44 of Digimon Tamers,
during the conversation of Yamaki Shitsuchou and his assistant operator (OFFICIAL RECOGNIZED girl friend) XD

Lolz I was watching a TGS2012 stream from Famitsu on Niconico this morning.

When the Famitsu crew arrived at the Biohazard 6 booth from Capcom.
The hosts described the booth as very chinese from having chinese words at the entrance.
I started to laugh as I read the words.
It said "肥茜肉食公司"

If you don't think on the naughty side it just means:
"Fat Sai (A fat lady named Sai)'s Butcher Company"

As I know Cantonese,
the "Sai" in Cantonese with the same pronunciation could be thought as:
"茜(A lady's name)" to "閪 (Cantonese Profanity -  Vagina/Cunt)“

For more details to Cantonese Profanity please go here:


This is how the idea of the sign "Fat Vagina/Cunt Meat Company" came from.

I dunno if the staff did this on purpose with the name of the butcher shop or not.
And making it display on entrance of the booth as well is a bit shocking lolz

Luckily I wasnt the only one to notice this, I found this from a HK forum.
Enjoy lolz.


Hello Folks XD
The radio drama as a prologue for the release of the PSP game
" Senritsu no Stratus "
has started their streaming release since yesterday (15th Sept, 2011)

According to TOSTATION,
Konami will be releasing one episode per week during every Thursday.

Okawa san's Azuma Taichou will start making his appearance starting 22nd Sept's Episode.

Extremely looking forward to that~ YAY! XD

Senritsu no Stratus ZERO - Episode One
Senritsu no Stratus ZERO - Episode Two
Senritsu no Stratus ZERO - Episode Three
It's been a long long times since Okawa san sung any character songs.

Wonder if the last one was for Neo Angelique or Mizushima FMA.

Anyhow here's the link to the song sample.

4. Fatal Ironies 歌/ブライアン・ロスコー(CV:大川透)

Okawa san's singing voice sound even better than for his Roy Mustang Character Song single back then XD
Finally Okawa san's Azuma Taichou gets his appearance in the gameplay video XD

Getting to play with the character in human form to fight monsters,
as well as piloting a mecha seems fun.

Lots of anime cut scenes means more voices to hear YAY!


Okawa san said it's been a while since he's been able to act another military role.

Yeah since Hagaren,
getting a military main role has been a rare thing for Okawa san indeed.

10 July 2011 @ 05:22 am
09 July 2011 @ 10:22 pm
Just as I have given up on coming in contact with
any of the Sora no Kiseki game series after "The 3rd".

Why the fuck do you have to cast Okawa san in the Tokuten Drama CD
for the New "Ao no Kiseki"......

Shit voice Mikitang is in it which makes me wanna puke.

What kind of planning is this anyways!?

Trying to make a fool of me NIHON FALCOM!?

Though struggling in curiosity
to what kind of support character,
Roberts Shunin (Okawa san's role in the CD) would be like.


I wouldn't buy fuck for sure anyhow,
you should thank Mr. Mikitang for that Nihon Falcom.


Also this might be old.
But anyways,

I found out on the trailer for Ao no Kiseki that,
Sora no Kiseki is gonna be animated.

At FIRST I was excited.
But when I saw the character designs,
I was completely thrown off the table.....=_=||

Though they do have better drawings than FAILMA.
But the characters especially Joshua and Estelle looks completely like somebody else.
Which pisses me off.
Since the FAILMA Incident.
I have caught the NITPICKING DISEASE for anime.

When you have seen much better drawings before.
Like the game CGs in the Sora no Kiseki games.
Or Hakuouki CGs for example.

I don't know if it's just me or whatever.
It would naturally come to my mind that,
I would want to demand a similar quality from the afterwards productions or releases.
I know this is bias but yeah.

It's lucky Sora no Kiseki gets to keep all their game cast though.
Unlike FAILMA.
Casting unfit seiyuus with bad acting skills for it's roles.

I would give the Sora no Kiseki Anime a try.
But if it fucks up.
Then sorry bye bye to you.
I give no mercy.